Hi, I'm Juan

My name is Juan Funez, and this is my personal website, where I try to show to the world what I do, and my skills.

I'm living in Sao Paulo, but I'm from Uruguay. I work as a developer since 2009, and my favorite programming language is Python, but I have some experince with Java and PHP, and other frontends technologies like: html, css and javascript.

I've working with platforms of electronic government (iGDoc) in ISA Ltda, SMS broadcast at BinBit, and other things from Software Arqutecture, web and mobile development at CLK

Right now I'm working at SciELO one of the most popular open scientific online library, working as a software analyst but with multiple respnsabilities, in backend and frontend develpment.

Feel free to ask me any question. You can see how to reach me in the contact page.


My Works

Regular jobs:

  • iGDoc - frontend and backend of an e-gov platform made with IBM Lotus Domino, Java, HTML, CSS and JS.

    iGDoc official website
  • Web2Py panel to manage the SMS content to be broadcast daily to millions of users by Binbit. broadcast

    visit binbit.com
  • Mobile development for Anticipate project, in-flight purchase app to pickup products easier at the airport's freeshop.

    Visit anticipate website
  • Mobile development for forestry incident control, with backend administration panel. Developed at CLK

    Visit CLK website

As a freelancer:

  • frontend and backend website of wedding/events organization company

    La Toscana
  • Smart Health Uruguay - Institutional website of a company focused in develoment of e-health

    Smart Health Uruguay
  • Loadboard app that manage trucks and loads in the backend

  • ... and more to come


My Skills

Web development:

Experice with +4 years of python web development, mostly with django, but also with flask, and web2py frameworks. Also worked with some PHP web framework like: Code Igniter, slim and Laravel.

Mobile development:

I've worked with Phonegap framework, and currently learning Ionic framework, both allows to develop Android and iOS apps. Also have experience with native android apps develoment.


In the last year I've been working with Docker, I also made an internal presentation for the SciELO team.
Currently I'm learning Kubernetes and CoreOS.


I've experience with vanila JS, jQuery, also Backbone.js, underscore.js and currently learning Vue.js and ES6.

Databases and APIs:

I prefer Postgres, but have experience with MySQL/MariaDB and SQLite.
And I've develped APIs with TastyPie and Django REST Frameworks for restful APIs with Django, and Also Apache Thrift


• PyDay Uruguay 2011 / web2py: ideas we stole - ideas we had (with Marcello Farias) - November 2011
• Primer Congreso Nacional “Siglo XXI: Educación y Ceibal” - October 2010.


IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5
IBM Certified Associate Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5
SafeLayer Training - The security services platform Safelayer

Let's speak:

Spanish (level: native)
Portuguese (level: advanced)
English (level: medium)


Get in touch

Please feel free to send me any question or comments: